Topbild Eeasy LID

A Revolution in Lid Technology

The EEASY LID simplifies life!

EEASY LID is a new type of aluminium lid that makes opening vacuum-sealed jars a breeze!

Did you know that in Germany around half the population has difficulty opening jars? The EEASY LID will bring more independence and quality of life!

The solution: Push
The solution: Twist
The solution: Open

Clear figures & benefits

Around 37 million people (44.6%) in Germany are unable to open jars.

87% of test participants said that if they had the choice, they would choose the product sealed using the EEasy Lid.

The EEASY LID increased sales of Boyer's Pasta Sauce by 104% during the product launch in the USA

Facts & Figures

The latest highlight from the packaging innovators

The brains behind the U.S. company CCT are set to permanently change the packaging market with the EEASY LID - and after the U.S., they will also conquer Europe.

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