A Revolution in Lid Technology

A Revolution in Lid Technology

Eeasy LID Deckelgrafik

Eeasy LID simplifies

Imagine, just by the mere touch of a fingertip, you could solve a problem that was previously thought impossible to solve; and, in doing so, help the lives of millions of people at the same time.

can do just that!

The problem:
The twist-off lid

The twist-off lid has been a standard solution for over 70 years.

It is used for millions of products: preserved vegetables or fruits, jams, antipasti, pasta sauces and many more are sold in airtight sealed jars with twist-off lids.

The drawback:

The larger the lid the more difficult it is to unscrew. For example, senior citizens, people with disabilities, nerve or joint disorders, as well as healthy men, women and children, very often have difficulties with twisting off lids and resort to well-known household tricks.

The Problem: The twist-off lid
The problem: Schrauben
The problem: Klopfen
The problem: Luft raus bekommen
Die  Lösung: der Eeasy LID

The solution:
Easy off, easy on

This new type of lid, which boasts a worldwide patent, will make opening jars of food a breeze. The days of using pure force or clever tricks will be long gone: now all you need is the gentle touch of a fingertip.

Here's how it works:

The EEASY LID features a button at the centre. By simply lightly applying pressure with the tip of your finger, the vacuum is released - and the lid can be unscrewed with very little effort. A study carried out by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, found that the EEasy Lid is at least 50% easier to open than conventional twist-off lids.

The solution: Pusch
The solution: Twist
The solution: Open

Facts and figures

Around 37 million people (44,6 %) in Germany are unable to or have great difficulty opening jars with conventional twist-off lids.

People 65+
18.3 million (22 %) – this number is rising
Severely disabled people
7.8 million (9,4 %)
Children up to 13 years of age
10.7 million (12,9 %)

(Quelle: Statistisches Bundesamt 2020)

In addition to this are:
People with chronic joint, muscle, cancer or nerve diseases
Women and children whose normal grip strength is insufficient
Men with average grip strength
This means

The EEASY LID will provide relief to over 80% of consumers. For almost 50% of consumers, it means considerably more independence in everyday life.

Eeasy LID


How you can benefit

The results of independent market research as well as tests carried out in the USA - where the EEASY LID went into production in 2022 - spoke a very clear language regarding the customer value and appeal of the EEASY LID:

84 %

of test participants found that jars sealed using the EEASY LID were much easier to open than conventional jars.

71 %

of test participants said they would buy products with the EEASY LID.

87 %

of test participants said that if they had to make a choice between the EEASY LID and conventional lids, they would choose the product with the EEASY LID.

Create a premium brand
for your product

Products that are sealed with the EEASY LID are more attractive, resulting in more consumers being willing to purchase such a product. The EEASY LID increased sales of Boyer's Pasta Sauce by 104% during the product launch in the USA. The EEASY LID transforms your product into a premium brand. This means that consumers are willing to pay more for it because premium products are

safe: You can put your trust in them.
innovative: They are simply better than the others.
enjoyable: They are a pleasure to own.
simple: save you time, energy and work.
attractive: They add value to the user.
exclusive: Not everyone has them.

The manufacturer

The US packaging
innovators at CCT

Consumer Convenience Technologies LLC (CCT) and its team of experts provide innovative packaging solutions for the food processing industry. CCT recognized that there had not been any significant innovations made in the metal lid industry for the last 75 years. The CCT EEASY LID is the brainchild of Pete Stodd and James Bach. Pete Stodd has earned numerous merits as an inventor and entrepreneur in the can manufacturing industry. James Bach and his son Brandon Bach set out to improve lives and transform the entire industry with EEASY LID technology. CCT's manufacturing facility in Dayton, Ohio, has the capability to produce 300 million EEASY LIDs every year.

While CCT continues to focus on the American market, the company is now looking for suitable partners and investors to serve the European market.

The manufacturer
Die Produktion



A worldwide patent

After an eight-year research and development phase, as well as numerous safety and consumer tests, the EEASY LID achieved patent and market readiness last year and went on sale in the USA.

Production takes place at the
company's own technology center

CCT’s Technology Center in Dayton, Ohio, has the capability to produce 300 million EEASY LIDs every year. A custom-built machine is responsible for turning conventional twist-off lids into EEASY LIDs.

Future perspective

What's next?

In the very near future, the first products fitted with the EEASY LID will be on sale in selected stores.

Shelf signage will clearly indicate these products, showing how the EEASY LID works and how to use it.
Instructions printed on the jars themselves will also point out the additional customer benefit.
The market innovation will be presented to both end consumers and manufacturers from the food industry at trade fairs and food shows.

Initially, the EEASY LIDs that will be needed for market launch will be imported from the USA. However, in the medium term, a production facility is planned to be set up in Europe; this will be based on the technology centre in Dayton, Ohio and will have the same capacity.

Future perspective
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